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Cut Paper Designs That Celebrate Our Natural World

This is an Instagram project that is set to run 100 days. I chose to use this time to exploring plants, insects, and animals, many that are listed as San Francisco Bay Area natives, many of which are endangered. Black and white is my primary pallet for this exercise. As the ‘medium’ I’m using cut paper, […]

Forever Stamps Honoring WPA Posters, the Artists, and Designers

It’s rare that design or the arts are singled out for recognition on a national level. The U.S. Postal Service is one government agency that does ‘break the mold’ and has just released a series of Forever Stamps celebrating the posters of the Work Projects Administration and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal Program from 1933 […]

SchoolsRule- Marin Gala 2016

Landing Page for SchoolsRule-Marin

  For this landing page we worked with SchoolsRule-Marin to promote the event and establish a payment strategy for online ticket sells. This is their biggest fundraising event of the year to raise money in support of all students at every school in Marin. The funds they raise fill the financial gap between available funding […]

Grow Your Business in 5 Steps

Grow Your Business–Free–in 5 Steps

Give Yourself an Afternoon, Add Intention, and Grow Your Business–Free–in 5 Steps In one afternoon you can grow your business–free–in just 5 steps. The required tools are ‘intention’ and basic outlining skills you learned in grade school. I spend time at the start of every year with this process. Before you dismiss this as new […]

JAX Vineyards

Web Development and Design Updates Reflect Its Expansion

For this small project in 2016, long time client Jax Vineyards requested web development and design updates to reflect its growth and expanded services. The original site was not set up for a business that might change, grow or evolve so we have added destination pages into the mix for new products and services including a […]

Don't Waste Their Time

Don’t Waste Their Time

Define Your Ideal Customer and Make Every Word Count Turn “Bla, Bla, Bla” into “Wow! I’m so glad I found you.” Corporations use a process to discover and define their ideal customer so they can talk to them directly: they craft a persona. A persona is a document, so rich with detail and information that […]

On the Learning Center we talk about design and inbound marketing tools and techniques to help grow your business and ecommerce store. What are the latest trends in design and inbound marketing? How can you use SEO to help drive business? What’s new in ecommerce? How do you craft a great email? What audience is on the different social networks. What are the latest trends? How can you make changes that keep your user first and get the outcome you want. These are the types of stories we will explore here in an effort to help you create a great design and inbound marketing strategy. This will help you craft a compelling message and delivery methods that encourage loyalty and increased conversions. 

Are you an expert? If you have ideas, information or tutorials that you would like to share that will help a business grow using design and inbound marketing, send a  proposal via the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you and will be back in touch soon.

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