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Twheel: your tweets as an info graphic | Fast Company

You have 345 unread tweets.As anyone who’s ever seen that dreaded tally knows, Twitter has a major problem with information overload.

Twheel AppI haven’t played with this yet in order to voice an opinion so this isn’t an endorsement. I do like the concept the developers are presenting. What was attention grabbing was the mention Edward Tufte’s word as the source of inspiration for their design. In a 3 day seminar he stressed the importance of user experience, even in the tools we use. And the value of pleasuring our senses in that exchange. To that end he takes great care in every facet of the design in any of his materials. For instance, a book would be crafted to be visually appealing as well as have information that is displayed in a way that it was easy to access and digest. Typography choices are key in this part, as well as layout. Graphics are produced to be sharp, informative and visually stimulating. Papers and cover materials convey the care and establish value through what the materials can convey to our touch. The things that do capture my attention with this app are the subtle cues to my senses: color choice and color play, graphics, information display and interactive animations all establish anticipation of a special experience. This app is just stepping leaving the next and may need a minute to fully find it’s wings. It’s innovation is to be celebrated, regardless of its ultimate success. Have you used it? What do you think of circular navigation in general, both aesthetically and practically. Is it a good use of space?

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