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7 Reasons to Use Bigcommerce


Use Bigcommerce: it delivers to all businesses, large or small

Use Bigcommerce

Regardless of the size of your business, use Bigcommerce for your storefront. It offers security, ease of use, and features that are merchant friendly to the extreme.. With so many storefront options it can be daunting to find one you have confidence in and each do have strengths. I have been watching this company for a long time and it is still my measuring stick when looking at what is available today.

After researching store fronts for JAX Vineyards I presented them with three options. For their needs and size, I promoted Bigcommerce as my personal favorite. Here are the things that attracted me then and that today are still a mark of they offer.

Bigcommerce offers security, ease of use, and features that are merchant friendly to the extreme.

1. Security: Bigcommerce is a hosted solution so there is an added level of comfort and security: they keep your data and your customers information safe.

2. Price: you can open a store front with a full suite of supportive applications for one small monthly fee and there are no additional fees applied to a customer’s purchase. The tiered monthly pricing is based on the number of items that are offered for sale as well as storage and other features such as coaching consultations and abandon cart reporting.

3. Control: It’s easy to manage and track your inventory and stay in touch with customers using the tools they provide to merchants in the admin area.

4. Mobile: If you are selecting from existing Bigcommerce theme, they are all responsive. Your visitor will have a great experience in your online shop regardless of what where they access you from. There will never be a sale missed because a site couldn’t be easily viewed on a smartphone.

5. Ease of use: Bigcommerce has come out with some beautiful new templates that are clean and modern, so you can easily set up a store. They also made it easy to modify and customize the provided templates or create custom pages. For me, this is a big selling point.

6. Storefront features: there are several options that come with your storefront by default (Great! comes to mind.) Standard features include the ability to customize, reporting, analytics and marketing tools such as banners and coupon codes, SEO. You also get things such as:

  • Video on product pages and
  • Related products are visible
  • Customer reviews
  • Integration with Facebook for an additional commerce outlet
  • Local in-store pick-up
  • Customer accounts and
  • Single-page checkout

7. Customer support: Last on the list but one of the most important aspects of any service is customer support. Bigcommerce is a leader here. I keep thinking this will start to waver as Bigcommerce continues to increase in popularity but happily, it hasn’t. The support team is stellar and have always been there when called on.

I’m a Bigcommerce Partner. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a BigCommerce store front, Let’s Talk. Just drop me a note. Building an online store can be daunting. I can guide you step by step and in no time, your storefront will be greeting customers.

Are you new to e-commerce? I will set up your new storefront, with key updates to match your branding and make it a painless process for you. With a quick turn around, you can start growing your online business right away.

Have you been online for a while? If you’re ready to make a full commitment to your online growth there are a lot of tools we can put in place along with a custom interface to take your online business to the next level. We will streamline the ordering process, make sure you have strong marketing tools in place and are taking advantage of all the tools available to help you manage your merchandise.


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