Mock storefront with updated movie app enabled

Bigcommerce Mobile Experience Improvements

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Enhanced Mobile Services Impact Both Shoppers and Store Owners

Bigcommerce has been coming out with great enhancements this past year including new features for mobile users; both shoppers and store owners. As the time spent on mobile devices increases, these are invaluable updates.

Mock storefront with updated mobile app enabled

Mock storefront with updated mobile app enabled

Let’s look first at how this impacts the consumer-facing aspect of a business: the storefront. I have read that mobile sales now accounts for almost 20% of commerce and this number is expected to grow considerably in the near future. While Bigcommerce has had a mobile version for quite some time the latest update allows for customization to extend your brand and provide the customer a unified experience no matter the device: desktop or mobile. Bigcommerce has more information about this feature.

They have also developed tools to give store owners the ability to manage and provide customer care from wherever they are. First, there is a free iPhone app available for download from the App Store. Recognizing that everyone is not on an iPhone, Bigcommerce also developed a Mobile Control Panel web based service designed specifically for mobile devices. This has the same features as the iPhone app except for push notifications. Using either tool you’re able to manage your store from any location, respond to customer requests, review orders, manage shipments, and update inventory. This feature will make management efforts easier and also, with improved and more agile customer service, help retain happy and loyal customers.

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