Growing a Business and Doing Business is all about learning to ask the right questions before you begin a project and managing healthy relationships with all the stakeholders.

Grow Your Business in 5 Steps

Grow Your Business–Free–in 5 Steps

Give Yourself an Afternoon, Add Intention, and Grow Your Business–Free–in…
Don't Waste Their Time

Don’t Waste Their Time

Define Your Ideal Customer and Make Every Word Count Turn…
Best Friends used in Forever 21 Social Media

F21 Thread Screen – Inspired Social Media

This is a video of a photo I took of a sweet little dog in…
Taking the emotion out of project negotiations and pricing

Remove Emotion From Your Negotiations

The subject of pricing is something that can be uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. The emotional baggage we bring to the discussion presents itself with the subtly of a fire breathing dragon. For the client, there is often a fear of being taken advantage of (and the same can be said of the designer, developer). I can't tame the dragon on my own but I think if we can consciously reframe the discussion, better business choices can be made.