The online world changes rapidly and so do the tools we use to interact with it. Here we explore recommended tools that work for your online project to make it a success. Service providers, social media tools, marketing tools and method, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, ecommerce frameworks, and more will be covered here. If I also promote projects I am affiliated with, it is only because I have used them and know they have a great value. I will make a note at those times. Please be aware I may get a small compensation if you do decide to purchase and that you will get a large showering of gratitude.

Don't Waste Their Time

Don’t Waste Their Time

Define Your Ideal Customer and Make Every Word Count Turn…
Free Images for Online and Print Projects

Free images for online & print

High definition images, royalty free? You betcha! Free images…
Responsive Design and Content

Demo Tool to Show Content Flow in Responsive Design

More than once, when discussing responsive design, I've gotten tripped up trying to describe what happens to content in a responsive screen. Something so easily understood on viewing can turn into a mental scramble listening to or reading a description. This demo is meant to address that.