Sideways Vision Sparks Creativity

Tapping Your Creativity: When Common Becomes Extraordinary

‘Sideways Vision’ – put a little twist into your creative thinking

Directed, Shot & Edited by Vania Heymann Starring, Music & Written by Daniel Koren:…

This wonderful film by Vania Heymann and Daniel Koren is a fantastic example of sideways vision in a creative context. How often have you caught yourself engaged in walking contests? Here they took it to the next level, examining it from a point of view most of us haven’t considered. Simply by looking sideways at an activity many of us engage in, this film gives voice to a larger question about the human psyche and our culture.

Whether you are an artist, engineer or personal coach; in every field creative thinking plays a part in your business. It’s rare in business one thinks of creativity and how it applies to the daily process, but it’s there. With practice, you will be able to move it from the shadows and into your core tool chest. You’ll quickly discover it’s value, even in areas such as problem-solving or planning.

Start with a question: one method to grow creative thinking skills

Here’s one method you can use to increase your creative thinking skills. Bonus! It can be utilized on a daily basis: Start with a question. As a designer and artist, much of what I engage in is research and problem solving. This is a core part of my creative process. LOL, Put this way, it sounds almost dull. Here is my secret: I have a question as the starting point which allows new ideas to come in. The normal tendency for many is to start with an answer and look for information to support it (even though few would cop to it :-). Breaking this habit and owning the fact that there are answers you don’t know – yet, will allow you to look at your problem from a unique perspective and discover new ways to resolve it.

Sideways vision will move your ideas from common to extraordinary.

Find your ‘Sideways Vision’

Use sideways vision in your business or when beginning a new piece of art. It will help you access to your creative process and move from the ho-hum right into the extraordinary. Do you want a few more tips to grow your creative thinking skills? Here are a few more ideas to help jumpstart your ‘sideways vision.’

  • Define the givens – the things that are truly inflexible. This opens the path into deeper questioning and exploration.
  • Get up from your desk and go for a walk outside (really :-)
  • Be open to fresh perspectives – never take anything off the table: it could be the key. This is true in your own thought process or listening to input from others.
  • Write a paragraph with your ‘opposite’ hand.

Below you will find related articles to help you discover ways of strengthening your own creativity. Artists and designers do not have an exclusive on this so it’s recommended reading for anyone ready to engage more deeply with their own creativity. I’m such a believer in the creative mind- set that I view it as a broad spectrum antibiotic; regular dosing fosters a healthier you.


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