Cut Paper Design

Day 10- California Buckeye Seed

The cut paper design project depicts California natives in black and white,  celebrating the beauty and diversity of our natural world .

About Cut Paper Design

Creatively, I am using this as an opportunity to explore the notion of ‘less is more’: how can I communicate ideas with the least amount of information. Black and white is my primary pallet for this exercise. Using scissors to cut the shapes, I use a reference photo and cut freehand, rarely using a pencil to first define the shape with a rough sketch.

With that in mind and in view of my tool, a 4″ scissor, small details are often cast aside. There is no shading but at times I do take away a ‘line’ in order to give an extra definition or create a highlight. This method really helps you get to the essence of a thing and at times it is more representative of the spirit than a close representation. Although I strive to capture both I often find the limits of my abilities or of the medium.

The Creative Spec

This is an Instagram project that is set to run 100 days. Each person chooses their own goal and sets the perimeters. I chose to use this time to explore plants, insects, and animals that are native to California. Some are even local to just the San Francisco Bay Area or even more specifically, Marin County. Many are endangered and while the reasons may vary, it is often due to loss of habitat.

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