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Free Palette–Dahlia and The Bee

Free palette download

Dahlia and The Bee - Free Palette

Dahlia and The Bee – Free Palette

This free palette courtesy of Dahlia and The Bee is based on a photo taken in the garden earlier this summer. The center bed is filled to the brim with cutting flowers making it a magnet for the bees as well as us. We have discovered we can co-exist just fine.

When I was about 5 we had a hedge of honeysuckle vines. They were so full of bees they almost vibrated and  the humming was like a call to me from the honeybee.  I looked at the bees and noticed some had their stripes form a capital H on their backside. I puzzled over it and decided that these must be the ones that didn’t sting. I spent the summer catching them up and holding them between my cupped palms so I could listen to the bee song. I never did get stung so maybe I was right.

Take one dahlia and add a bee to create the perfect summer palette. Enjoy this free download. The color values include the hex and RGB values.

Right-click to download the palette.

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