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Demo Tool to Show Content Flow in Responsive Design

Content Flow in Responsive Design

Demo of content flow in responsive design; see how the same content, viewed from different devices, flows and adapts in responsive design.

Responsive design is not new any longer but to anyone unfamiliar with it, still be confusing. For your client, the idea of designing content once and having it display well on any device has a sexy appeal but the how of it is harder to grasp. On more than one occasion, when discussing responsive design, this has become too complicated by the waterfall of language, describing what happens to content in a responsive screen.

Seeing is believing, and the shortest path to understanding at times. In this case, it’s much easier than hearing about or reading a description. Use this tool to demonstrate content flow in responsive design when viewed from different devices.

To demonstrate content flow in responsive design visit the page from a desktop browser and “grab” the bottom right corner of the browser window. Drag it slowly to the left. As the window hits different ‘break’ points that are reflective of mobile device widths such as your iPad or iPhone the content will reflow for optimal viewing on that device. **If your browser does not support this, open the page on a smart device instead.

This will be useful to demonstrate the concept to your team and stakeholders. CLICK: Demo Responsive Design Content Flow. Cheers!

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