Best Friends used in Forever 21 Social Media

F21 Thread Screen – Inspired Social Media

This is a video of a photo I took of a sweet little dog in Stinson Beach. The image was was selected from thousands submitted and shown with just as many for Forever 21’s marketing campaign – F21 Thread Screen. I am schoolgirl-style excited because this was the most memorable project I can recall and here is my little shot – up in thread. It’s like being a part of history.

Forever 21 made such a remarkable effort to create this magical use of media. The primary channel was Instagram and the messaging centered around the celebration of friendship. “Our goal is to drive social reach [for] this campaign,” Change (Linda Change, VP of merchandising at Forever 21) adds. “The Thread Screen will naturally drive awareness, but it also shows Forever 21 as a leader in how social networks and technology can be used in completely new ways.” – I say they made the mark and then some.

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Here is a great article in Fast Company‘s online magazine Fast CoCREATE about the planning and development of the project and the vision behind it. Enjoy. This is a marketing marvel.

Visit the official YouTube Chanel and enjoy over 9000 short thread pic videos.