Jackaroo Olive Oil

Jackaroo Olive Oil Branding

Jackaroo Olive OilDesigning the brand and packaging for Jackaroo Olive Oil, a new product introduced in China,  and creating the original artwork made this a fun project to be involved in. The client requested artwork for Jackaroo Olive Oil labels that would be recognizable, even by non English speakers, and that captured the colors and the style of the Australian winery region.

During my research I discovered it felt very much like Napa and Sonoma, the winery regions close to my own home. It is amazing to me how theses microcosms can be found the world over. It also gave me an advantage in translating the vision they had into a design that was reflective of that intention. They also did in store testing and were thrilled with how well this bright yellow stood out from the others on the store shelves. 

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