The sharable tweet is tied to trust


Sometimes it feels like hype has become the new normal and to figure a good ‘angle’ wins the prize. Trust and credibility have taken the back seat. There is a perception that if you are looking for more followers, better social scores, more customers, or anything more, better, bigger and can present your product (including yourself) in a catchy enough manner you will be out in the front.

A new study by UCLA and Hewlett-Packard’s HP Labs may help shine some much-needed light on this. The findings suggest that, at least, when it comes to news, trust is key and “shareability” largely a function of reliability and trust. Our posts are our personal news story and these findings may be just as valid when applied to the individual brand or small company. Our customer still wants to feel safe “in our hands”. So can we put away OUR CAPS KEY LOCK and settle into a conversation?

Storify Post, 2012

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