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Georgia Gibbs Design Pinterest Board

This week Pinterest announced it was open for the world now and would not require invitations any longer. There is not another site which has had such a huge impact on information display. With Pinterest UX the grid, long used in print, has gained in popularity as a way to format information on the web but Pinterest also layered on the visual elements to it, creating a tiled page. It seems the entire web has tile mania.

Pinterest is part of a larger trend in start-ups now. One of the founding members of Pinterest, Evan Sharp, is a designer and the simplicity of the design speaks to that. The design is successful not only because of what’s there, but more importantly, everything that is not.

Several successful ventures of late have had a designer on the team from day one and others are taking notice, incorporating design leadership into their organizations, start-ups or not. Historically design had a place at the table and now, after a lengthy absence, they are being welcomed back.

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