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Client testimonial

Working with Georgia is a satisfying experience from start to finish. In the beginning of our project, we had a fairly disorganized idea about how we wanted to set our web site up. There are a lot of moving parts to our operations and we only had a vague idea of how to present things in a fashion that made sense.

Georgia was very patient with us, helped to guide us in the right direction, and ultimately provided us with novel solutions that we had not considered before. Her technical knowledge is first-rate, and she is very well informed about the latest “best practices”.  Perhaps what we appreciate the most about working with Georgia is her genuine concern for helping our business perform better in the online marketplace.

Where some developers might only do what was asked of them, she was constantly thinking about a bigger picture and looked for the best way to present our product. She takes a lot of personal pride in her work and it shows. It is also helpful that Georgia has been doing this for a while and is part of a larger community of developers and experts. If she runs into a roadblock she is able to quickly confer with others to find the best solution.

It is comforting to know that Georgia values long-term relationships. Even though our project is now fully functional and performing well she remains in close contact with us and is readily available to assist in many ways. Georgia has become an incredibly valuable part of our business and we are looking forward to working with her as we move forward. Thank you Georgia!

Erik Schorr, Anacortes Kayak Tours
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Couple Create Award Winning Wine Following Their Bliss

Poggi Wine quietly stepped into the marketplace in the late fall of 2016 with two new Cabernet Sauvignons. It was their initial offering and the entire project was ignited by their passion and excitement. They knew what they had was special and could not wait to share it. The world is in agreement. This year each wine took a Silver Medal in the prestigious California competition, the 2017 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. It’s the first competition they’ve entered so there will be more to tell on that front.

After researching the available options from a custom backend to an off the shelf storefront, the decision was made to go with WooCommerce on WordPress. They have just two products and we knew the volume of sales would demand that overhead be kept to a minimum. It also allows for a unique, custom design and great functionality. In both areas, the final website has enough leg to support their business today and the demands of a growing business.

Before beginning the design phase we both did research on presentation and content to educate ourselves on how wine is marketed and sold in this space. We also looked at larger wineries to discover what they did to maintain their personality. At the end of the process, Laurie Poggi had a vision of what she wanted their site to emote to both loyal customers and first-time visitors: friendly and personal playing out in an environment that was modern but gives a nod to the wealth of tradition they pay homage to as wine makers. We also wanted to capture their own personal effervescence and openness. All of this forms the decisions behind the design.