Custom website design, from a complete storefront to new landing pages, carries the day for JAX Vineyards.

Kimberly Jackson Wickam, Founder and Co-OwnerOur website is extremely elegant and functions beautifully. I feel that we can always make changes without worrying that there will be no follow through. I would recommend your services to small companies who do not have an internal web design team.

Kimberly Jackson Wickam, Owner/Partner JAX Vineyards


Great Taste Demands A Custom Website Deisgn

JAX Vineyard’s an award winning winery in Calistoga and San Francisco had high standards for the online store created to sell their hand-crafted wines.

After researching the available options from a custom backend to an off the shelf storefront, the decision was made to go with BigCommerce for it’s robust backend and great tools supporting its merchants.

Custom Website Design

Our website is extremely elegant and functions beautifully. – Kimberly Jackson

Before making the final selection for a framework, a diagram of the information architecture was created to demonstrate to the client what pages would have to be created to support the user in an online store or would have to be part of a package.

Next, wireframes were created as a visual for stakeholders to ensure information and services are represented in the design and given the appropriate level of importance.

After buy-in on wireframes came visual design. One major design factor was that it had to compliment the existing website. For the final development developers were brought in to customize the backend so that the actual website would reflect the designs and desired functionality.

This design was unique on Bigcommerce. On two different occasions, JAX Vineyards online storefront was featured by BigCommerce in online reviews.


  • Reseach, consulting
  • Information Architecture
  • Custom website design
  • Site Development
  • Set up for Big Commerce
  • Set up for payment gateway
  • Shipping paremetors
  • Project Management for outside talent