WordPress project for local service take key parts of the business online and clearly conveys key information at a glance for all visitors.

Mt. Tam Dog Company is a local area dog walking service. This project was to help recast their brand after changing their business goals. It is also a sales tool and has taken part of the sign-up process online as well as streamlined the process to share daily updates with the clients.

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  • Research, consulting
  • Information Architecture
  • Custom website design
  • Site Development

Local Team Pivots Services For Dog Care Business

After first creating a brick and mortar business selling dog care products this team discovered the part of their business that they most loved was walking and exercising many of the same pets they first met in the shop. Dedicated hikers who are as dedicated to dog health they decided to pivot their business and make this their sole focus. As part of this growth, they wanted to update the website to reflect these changes and streamline some of their processes as much as possible. There was also a desire to keep the friendly vibe and reference to the outdoors while also making the overall feel more polished.

Before starting on designs we did extensive research into this space and also defined what parts of the business could be managed online as well as key information to convey at a glance to visitors. All of this was pulled together into the end product. There is a clear call to action on every page, the security aspect of their service is clearly displayed, and the qualifications for each dog care professional they hire are defined.