Design Goal: Educate and Engage
The video below demonstrates an element of play introduced to engage and educate the users.


SchoolsRule–Marin is a unique local nonprofit which believes that every student in Marin should have access to quality education. They raise funds to assist area school foundations and school districts in meeting this goal.

SchoolsRule–Marin has, from inception in 2011, had a lively and interactive online presence. Yet, with changes in web technology, as well as the continuing maturity of their vision, there was a need to update their online presence.

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Not only does Georgia produce amazing results on budget and ahead of schedule, but her calm and pleasant demeanor, flexibility and patience make her an absolute delight to work with. She has an amazing ability to understand the requirements from the various stakeholders and the ultimate needs of the end user to create a beautiful, innovative, informative and user-friendly website that is even better than we had imagined and has provided an immediate improvement to our fundraising efforts.  I recommend Georgia with the full confidence that your organization will be just as thrilled with her services.

Rebecca Caspersen, Operations Coordinator

Design and Development Services

Due to an early partnership with Bay Area ad agency Venables Bell & Partners, SRM has a strong brand and an established identity. We did not want to lose this important brand story. The design introduces a contemporary edge to carry them forward while also maintaining visual ties to an old-time newspaper, including a strict color palette of black, white, and red. Additional color is used only as needed to strengthen a call to action by giving it a ‘pop’.

Design Goal: Clear Call to Action
While the chief function of the website is to educate and inform the visitor, it is also a vehicle to raise additional funds. To this end, we first created clear calls to action in multiple destinations. In this way, the messaging can be tailored to that visitor. A Partner Spotlight was also created as a way to thank business donors for their engagement and call them out to other visitors to the sight. This supports a healthy relationship with their business supporters and provides a public platform.Project Coordinator: Rebecca Caspersen

Design Goal: Educating the Visitor
It is also important that there is an engaging and playful element. One example of how this is met is in the video to the left. Using the flip-card technology to engage and educate visitors we answer a frequent question: How is my gift used? In the section ” Here is what your money will do.”  the user highlights individual cards and learns just a few of the ways their monetary gift can impact a classroom or school program.

Design Goal: Ease of Content Discovery
Previously content was found primarily by happenstance. It was impossible to return to key information again unless you had recorded your route or bookmarked it via your browser. To correct for this, content is now organized into logical verticles. There is also a rich content history to preserve. We have now made this easily available to visitors, while also giving it more context. The reorganized information architecture and user flow are both user-friendly while allowing for the incorporation of new content.

SchoolsRule Marin Team:
Trisha Garlock
Ken Lippi
Rebecca Caspersen, Project Coordinator


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