Small business web design update for Stinson Beach Gallery expands opportunity for sales using ecommerce and inbound marketing.

Stinson Beach Gallery logo

Stinson Beach Gallery logo

Small Business Web Design For Growth

Small business web design update for Stinson Beach Gallery in Marin, California expands opportunity for sales using ecommerce and inbound marketing. For Stinson Beach Gallery, this was, in part, a way to address a very small physical footprint. Taking the art gallery online was a way to address this. To help bring visitors to the physical space and to the online gallery we incorporated inbound marketing.

The updates fostered a 40% upswing in visitors to the website and SEO efforts resulted in placing the site as the top listing for several of the primary keywords.

WordPress and WooCommerce based framework supported a blog and the storefront. The blog highlighted gallery news and updates from the artists, even beyond their interaction with the gallery, as an avenue for marketing. We also updated or added metadata for existing content and as new content was created, it was optimized for search engines as well.

To drive traffic we used inbound marketing and the focus was on content creation, social media engagement, and an establishing regular communication with current subscribers through newsletter client. Lifting the list out of a personal email account and moving it to an email service provider gave us better control of  the content presentation and allowed us to monitor interest and judge engagement.

The galleries brand got an update as well to an iconic style that’s still easy and relaxed, fitting in well with a small beach community that has a more sophisticated clientele due to it’s close proximity to San Francisco.

Other aspects of the trial included setting up PayPal account which could be used for both in-store and online sales. Although there is an existing merchant account this was a much easier entry into online commerce than a full shopping cart solution. As an in-store solution, it was also effective. It centralized the sales information in one place and was less expensive than supporting a credit card service through the bank, a big draw on a small store with infrequent sales due to high priced ticket items.

Facebook page for the gallery was created and Instagram was added to the mix. Content was updated regularly to drive visitors to the website and introduce them to the artists on view.

  • WordPress customization
  • Eccomerce with WooCommerce backend
  • CSS
  • Graphics
  • Editorial and content creation
  • Social Media Management
  • PayPal account creation and set up for online/in-store purchases
  • Mailchimp account creation
  • Email marketing