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Great Alternative Lorem Ipsum Generators for Design

This is my list of great alternative lorem ipsum generators for design. I’m still fond of the Samuel L Ipsum generator and, it will be on my ‘all time greats’ list but there are others that may be more useful for your team.

2018 additional info:

A reader was kind enough to provide info for a service that is user-friendly and free. For general purposesuse this FREE Lorem Ipsum Generator from Website Planet. But if you want to mix in a little bacon or coffee love into the mix… read on. Thank you, Caitlyn for sharing such a great resource!

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If you are not familiar with lorem ipsum, it is a common design tool that may be useful for you in the early stages of creating a presentation. The placeholder text appears as nonsensical. This fills multiple needs but here are the two primary ones:

  • The content is still in flux and it saves you time adjusting for content that may be gone by morning.
  • It’s a method to put focus on the design and not the content. I have had design presentations dissolve because there is be a disagreement about phrasing and it was intended as a placeholder. This will help keep that discussion tabled until the appropriate time.

Samuel L Ipsum Word Slinger



For me the reason I turned away from classical Latin lorem ipsum generators is more of a practical nature. Using a tool like Photoshop one quickly discovers the dictionary counts Latin as Russian or something Slavic. Even the smallest amount of text is found to be fraught with errors and it makes it impossible to spell check your designs.

Here are some new favorite lorem ipsum generators for design and development to replace traditional Latin lore ipsum generators. This is a small sampling. I can almost guarantee that if you have an interest there is a generator to match it.

Samuel L Ipsum is still high on my list since the original post in 2012 but it still carries the same warning. If the client has little or no humor use your standard placeholder text or one of the others cited here, but this is just too fun to pass up.

Do you see any Teletubbies in here? Do you see a slender plastic tag clipped to my shirt with my name printed on it?

Random Check Generator is useful for designers and front end developers both. You can select from several languages and use plain text or have the program add common HTML tags.

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HTML-ipsum for developers is specific to developers. You can select from a range of formatting tags that will aid you in presenting the styling you want to use prior to the addition of actual content.

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As an ode to Oscar Mayer who brought us the bacon lovers dating site we can’t skip Bacon Ipsum.

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If you are a former barista wondering why you ever gave it up for this code thing then maybe Coffee Ipsum is just the thing.

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And last but not least, Cupcake Ipsum is q text generator for the kind of heart with am addiction to white sugar. Pick your favorite topping; Latin or sweetened English.

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*This is an update to a post from 2012.