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Free Images for Online and Print Projects

Free images for online & print

High definition images, royalty free? You betcha! Free images…
Jackaroo Olive Oil

Packaging Kissed by the Sun

    Australian Natural Foodstuff selected me…
Marin Open Space Trust (MOST)

Web Design and Development For Move to WordPress

Marin Open Space Trust Marin Open Space Trust was ready to…
Responsive Design and Content

Demo Tool to Show Content Flow in Responsive Design

More than once, when discussing responsive design, I've gotten tripped up trying to describe what happens to content in a responsive screen. Something so easily understood on viewing can turn into a mental scramble listening to or reading a description. This demo is meant to address that.
Responsive Design

4 Benefits of Responsive Design

Today if you don't optimize your site for multiple devices and screen sizes it may cost you customers or sales. Responsive design is one solution you can implement.