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Design: Mapping the Artists who Invented Abstraction

Learn how the design team for MOMA used information graphics to help tell the story of the origins of Abstraction.
Taking the emotion out of project negotiations and pricing

Remove Emotion From Your Negotiations

The subject of pricing is something that can be uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. The emotional baggage we bring to the discussion presents itself with the subtly of a fire breathing dragon. For the client, there is often a fear of being taken advantage of (and the same can be said of the designer, developer). I can't tame the dragon on my own but I think if we can consciously reframe the discussion, better business choices can be made.
Sideways Vision Sparks Creativity

Tapping Your Creativity: When Common Becomes Extraordinary

Creativity. Wow–that word is loaded. It's rare that we think of creativity in terms of what we do and how it applies to our own actions even though it should be part of our core tool chest.
Color Development and Harmonizing

Free Palette–Dahlia and The Bee

Free palette download This free palette courtesy of Dahlia…
Jared Spool

Jared Spool – The Anatomy of a Design Decision

See on Scoop.it http://vimeo.com/38973832 What are the…