Jesse James Garrett

Top Execs are Starting to Care About User Experience Design

Jesse James Garrett, who is a pioneer in user experience, sits down with Brian Solis to talk about why user experience has gotten the attention of the C-suite. The basic concept of user experience and it’s impact on the design process is covered. In their talk they also go into depth about the changes in experience and product design.

The driver for this ground swell of interest in UX is the end user, a silent partner in the design process. As user experience and user centered design become the norm in the design process it has a positive impact and fosters improvement in our daily lives.  More product and services are now directed to filling real needs.

It’s like a 70’s love fest. By engaging the decision makers across all channels from the design team to the board room; we create positive, enjoyable and memorable experiences and products for our audience.


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