Small Businesses – Use Video in Your Social Media Marketing

Local or across the globe, use video in your social media marketing to tell your story

Small businesses – let me be your cheerleader here: use video in your social media marketing. A 30-second video is a quick way to tell your story and introduce your business to new customers while also keeping current customers engaged. Promote your business locally or to engage with customers anywhere on the globe. It’s the online version of the elevator speech and in 30 seconds your video gives a real flavor of what your business is about. We must have a lot of camera shy people because video is underused and undervalued by small business owners. That’s a win for you. Start using it and you’ll be able to set yourself apart quickly.

This example, created for local woman’s clothing and accessories shop, Stinson Beach Boutique, shows customers what they can find in store this season and be posted on their social media channels.

Here are just a few ways your small business could benefit:

  • Fun and engaging tool in social media
  • Let people know what they can expect to find when they visit your business location
  • Fantastic coupled with special promotions
  • Educate others about your offering
  • Introduce your team to others
  • Explain your product

It is not an expensive medium to create with and you already have all the tools you need in your smartphone. If you want a more hands on approach there are several apps you can download to help you edit your video before posting. As your business grows or if you want to present a professional face several small companies now specialize in producing small format videos for social media. Whichever path your take follow the advice of Nike and “Just do it.”

*This video post was made to be viewed post on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter or on a website sidebar.
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