JAX Vineyards

Web Development and Design Updates Reflect Its Expansion

JAX Vineyards Home Page Update

For this small project in 2016, long time client Jax Vineyards requested web development and design updates to reflect its growth and expanded services. The original site was not set up for a business that might change, grow or evolve so we have added destination pages into the mix for new products and services including a tasting room and event space. Some minor updates were done to the styling for JAX to keep a contemporary and current face for their online business.

It’s important to keep your online presence and content up to date with what is happening to your business offline. A good way to make sure this happens is to schedule a review twice each year to make sure that all of your channels are keeping pace and in sync.

See the case study for the entire JAX project.

Kimberly Jackson Wickam, Founder and Co-OwnerOur website is extremely elegant and functions beautifully. I feel that we can always make changes without worrying that there will be no follow through. I would recommend your services to small companies who do not have an internal web design team.

JAX Vineyards