Website Design Consultation

15-Minutes – Free

The free website design consultation came about after listening to repeated laments about how overwhelming it is to launch a new design project. After a brief chat, the speaker also seemed a lot calmer from our time together. I decided to provide this as a service, for free. This call is for you if:

    1. Your design project is your number one concern right now.
    1. You know you are ready but are not sure about next steps.
    1. You have not hired a designer.

Instead of running in circles, have a chat with me about your website design project. Use our time together to gain some additional clarity. Outline, in broad strokes, how this project fits with your business goals. My primary role will be ‘the listener’, your personal design therapist. You get 15 minutes, free of charge. Select from the following topics:

  • A 500-foot view of your website project and how it fits with your business goals.
  • On your current site: what is the one feature on your site that drives the greatest number of customer complaints?
  • You have a competitor who has done it ‘right’. We’ll go through their site together to review what works and why.

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