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Ze Frank Shares The Secret of Brand Loyalty

Ze Frank has discovered the secret of brand loyalty. For those not familiar with him, he is an online entertainer and developer of “The Show”. He has a huge fan base, something that’s every business owners dream. Pursuant to the dream we spend a lot of time attempting to figure out how to achieve the elusive mantle of brand loyalty. So how does he do it? His success is tied directly to the fact that he always remembers one thing: it’s all about you. Yes, he is funny, most times hysterically so, but the thing that resonates and keeps you tied in is his ability to show true tenderness. Ze also invites you to participate in making ‘it’ the best thing ever: you are a key player. And finally you become a loyal follower because you know that in his world; in your world; heart and equal doses of mirth are not ever in short supply.

I am not promoting the ultimate formula for success. This just a moment of thinking out loud triggered from spending an hour laughing so hard my jaws ache. If you are at all successful in the online space you already know your connection is not with the data but the person it describes. We are all in the relationship business, regardless of what business that is. Lately though it seems that somehow we have come to believe we are the star of our show and there is an inordinate amount of attention as to how we cast our “personal brand”. Ze Frank doesn’t do that. We are front and center in his story all the time; and surprise; as a result; I am very clear about his brand and what it represents.

This is a Ted talk. Explore his world in full at The Show popular show archives. And keep an eye out: Ze Frank just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for a new “The Show”.

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